Zoom Rules

If you’ve recently found yourself thrust into the crazy world of working from home and are on more Zoom calls than you care to admit, we’re here to help. 1. FIND THE RIGHT LIGHT It’s hard to have a conversation when all you see is a shadow. Make sure that your main light source is in front of you instead of behind you. It also more flattering, am I right, ladies? 2. FIND THAT MUTE BUTTON Ok, don’t be that guy. Sure take a sip or even dig into that snack on those long Zoom calls but we don’t all have to hear it. However, quickly unmute by pressing down on the space bar if the boss calls on you! 3. USE A VIRTUAL BACKGROUND Got a messy space? Nobody has to know that you live with pigs when you use a virtual background. Put yourself on a beach, in a cave, or at the Louvre in Paris. 4. SWITCH TO GALLERY VIEW Speaking of art galleries, by default Zoom shows just the active speaker. This is fine for a small group, but if you have a big meeting it might come in handy to switch to Gallery View so you can see everyone at the same time. This might be a good time to mention that as long as you’re on the Zoom call you’re visible to the entire group. So unless you turn off your camera everyone will see you (and hear you), so no taking the phone or laptop with you to the bathroom! 5. ZOOM ISN’T JUST FOR BORING MEETINGS. Invite friends and family to join you on a Zoom call and let the fun begin! Play trivia, host a happy hour, show off the little ones, or just chat.

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