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Student Highlight: Ryann Croshaw

Ryann might be your typical teenager in the sense that she loves volleyball and hanging out with friends. But what might surprise you is that Ryann is a self-taught baker.

At just ten years of age, Ryann was intrigued with cake decorating, and after watching online videos, she decided to try it herself. Starting with a box cake mix and a lot of YouTube videos, she has quickly risen to become a quality cake baker.

Photo Courtesy of Yellow Crow Photography. Pictured is Ryann Croshaw

Her Instagram page (@the.bake.ry) is filled with a variety of cakes. Ryann’s cakes have an understated yet elegant quality about them. For now, she enjoys making cakes for family and friends but hopes to open her own bakery someday.

At thirteen, Ryann has excelled way beyond a box cake mix. She experiments with flavors, textures and styles to the delight of her family who happily volunteer as her taste-testers. When asked what drew her to start baking cakes in the first place, her answer was simple. Math.

“So, the math in baking has always been really interesting to me,” says Ryann. “I actually really like math!”

The decorating element also appeals to Ryann. Not only is watchingvideos of other cake decorators fun, but she also finds creating cakes really enjoyable herself. You’ll often see her listening to music while she embellishes her cakes.

“I find cake decorating so satisfying,” Ryann enthusiastically shares.

Eventually, she wants to expand her baking repertoire to include other goods, but for now, Ryann is focused on school and volleyball. She gives us all a great reminder, math can be fun and can even lead a child to finding a new hobby in life!

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