Sticking close to home

Whether your summer vacation was canceled or you just have to put it off for a little while, there’s no reason you can’t take the family on a little “get-away” at home. Plan a “faux-cation” just like you would a real vacation. Get the family involved by doing a little research and decide where you’re going to go. Choose how you’ll travel to your “destination” and what you’ll do when you get there. Incorporate some of these fun ideas to turn your home into your dream “vacation spot”: -Check-out books, DVDs, and music about your destination from your local library. -Pack a bag – compete to see who can fit the most items the fastest. -Use math to calculate travel velocity, a budget, or create a timeline. -Request travel brochures and guides from city and state websites. -Reuse travel brochures by cutting out images and making a collage or a postcard. -Purchase and/or prepare native foods. -Recreate a water park with sprinklers, slides, and buckets in the backyard. -Send “wish you were here” notes to grandparents. -Set up a souvenir shop and use Monopoly money to make purchases. -Use cardboard boxes to build a car or plane and serve tiny snacks with an “in-flight” movie. -Print a map and recreate the step-by-step directions by walking your neighborhood and see where you end up!

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