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Smokey, the Fire Station Dog

Stop Drop and Drool

Written by Cindy Chapman

Smokey and Chief Addington

Smokey is a silver Labrador Retriever who makes his home at the Roanoke Fire Station. Ever since he was just 10 weeks old, Smokey has been the station dog and will soon celebrate his fourth birthday in August.

It doesn’t bother Smokey at all that he’s not what most people think of when it comes to a fire station dog. Spots or no spots, Smokey is committed to taking his job seriously.

While he doesn’t go on fire calls, he has an important job of being a stress reliever for the firefighters. Smokey is always there to lend a paw whenever a firefighter needs a little extra attention. Being a firefighter is “ruff” work, and Smokey makes firefighting life just a little more joyful with his wagging tail and gentle nose nudges.

Join us as we celebrate Smokey the Roanoke Fire Station Dog and all of his hard work to keep our firefighters company.

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