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Relieving Stress and Finding Peace at Home

Discover Shalisa Smith’s inspiring organization and planning skills

Are you busy and often overwhelmed? If so, join the club. If you’re like most of us, you may have never addressed the root of the problem. Until now.

Meet Shalisa Smith, founder of Tailor Made 4 U, a business specializing in simplifying busy lives and busy homes. Before you know it, you’ll be happier, calmer and have more time to do the things that matter most.

No matter if the task is large or small, Shalisa can handle it all. Whether it be organizing a closet or your whole home or planning the perfect birthday party to a full carnival, Shalisa prides herself on customizing her services so they are tailor made just for your needs. Her goal is to create an environment where she can reset the weekly rhythm of the home and that becomes a new long-standing habit in your life.

Shalisa shares, “A lot of clients will call and say, ‘I don’t really know what I need. I need you to organize everything!’ The first step to getting organized is often to figure out a client’s needs versus wants. Sometimes a client’s needs have to be met first. Then we can get to what a client wants. From the grocery store to meal preparation, errands and planning, I can help you get your life back. Getting people organized and operating more efficiently has saved marriages because people get so busy, they are not taking time for their family. They end up pulling away. It’s more than just organizing, it’s giving people a sense of peace and trust back in their home,” says Shalisa.

“A calm home breeds a calm life.”

Shalisa is a business management graduate of Indiana University and a natural self-starter. She likes to roll up her sleeves and get things done. She’s also had years of experience being a live-in nanny for military families and a family of triplets. She’s rooted in faith and no stranger to hard work, perseverance and pushing through exhaustion. Because she’s a goal setter and goal achiever, she has the skills and experience to guide you to achieve your goals.

Whether you need a personal assistant or organization, contact Shalisa Smith (646) 647-6780 or email at

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