Is your teen missing their friends? These teen years are a precious time of life where friends matter almost more than anything. Social distancing might be the hardest for this demographic. Fortunately, we’re sharing a few ideas the next time your teen is feeling like their social life is wack because of the Coronavirus. 1. START A BOOK CLUB Pick a book you can easily find online (our local library has an excellent ebook catalog through Overdrive). Host weekly video chat meetings with your friends and discuss. Don’t worry if you get off-topic, that’s part of the fun! 2. WRITE A LETTER Remember letters? Well, they’re making a comeback! Find some cool stationery that reflects your personal style, jot down your thoughts, and send them to your friends via snail mail. You could also practice your cursive writing or try your hand at calligraphy! Don’t forget that grandmas like letters too. 3. HAVE A WATCH PARTY Some video streaming platforms now have integrated “viewing parties” to enhance the TV watching experience. Pick a movie or your favorite TV show, set a time and everyone watches along together. Use the chat feature to point out all the cringy moments and it’s like having your friends right there with you on the couch. 4. HOST A LIVE GAMING EVENT Most gaming systems have integrated chat or talk features so you can schedule a time with your friends to play your favorite game together. Turn it into a tournament to take it to the next level. There are also online multiplayer RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons that are perfect for large groups of friends. Never heard of DnD? Just ask dad. 5. GET COOKING You’ll be on your own soon so why not learn a few life skills in the kitchen? Find out how to chop, blend, and sauté your way to a life without having to rely on mom and dad for dinner. While you’re at it you could learn how to balance a checkbook or do your own laundry.

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