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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

North Central Texas Foot and Ankle Treating Families in 76262

By: Cindy Chapman

Kids are super active on their feet and, that’s why Drs. Samantha and Ricky Childers have created a family friendly practice right here in 76262. Despite what you might think, podiatry is not exclusive to old and tired feet. Many kids suffer from various foot ailments, and it’s a bigger deal than you might imagine. At North Central Texas Foot and Ankle, married couple Samantha and Ricky Childers are both doctors of podiatry and see patients of all ages including kids. As parents themselves, they understand the importance of helping get kids back on their feet, literally. Samantha recognizes that by being a mom she’s sensitive to kids who are experiencing pain that keeps them from doing the activities they love. One of her primary goals as a doctor is to help make your child’s visit not such a scary place, but one of nurturing and support. “I never want it to be a traumatic experience for kids,” says Dr. Samantha.

Getting back in the game

Unfortunately, kids are not immune to foot problems and sometimes those problems can be debilitating. Some of the most common foot issues kids experience are flat-footedness, sports injuries, warts and ingrown toenails. Kids that suffer from various foot ailments often feel left out because they can’t participate in activities like their peers.

Both Drs. Samantha and Ricky take the time to listen to you and your child’s concerns and work with you to develop the best path of treatment. Now that some kids are getting back into sports after a long year of social distancing, podiatrists are seeing a rise in injuries and foot pain in kids.

Dr. Samantha says, “We know how important it is for kids to stay active, so we offer some of the most advanced treatments for sports injuries. This helps young athletes return to the game as quickly as possible.”

Football, lacrosse and soccer involve a lot of running and stopping, and that’s hard on young feet. Other activities like martial arts, dance and water sports also put a lot of strain on feet. Feet that are constantly wet can be susceptible to warts, which are not only unsightly but can be painful as well.

All in the family

When married podiatrists, Drs. Samantha and Ricky Childers were looking to expand their practice, they knew that Roanoke and Trophy Club were the perfect fit for them. The communities are not cookiecutter types of towns, and North Central Texas Foot and Ankle is not your typical medical center. “Roanoke and Trophy Club are filled with good people who are very family-oriented, and that just felt like home for us,” says Dr. Samantha. Samantha and Ricky met in California where they attended medical school, but after starting their family they knew that North Texas (which was home for Samantha) was where they wanted to raise their three small children. By starting their own business they were able to build the practice that best reflected their values and core beliefs. With every business decision, they take into account the following: God-honoring, Respect, Kindness, Community-impacting, Innovation, Excellence and Integrity. A family-oriented focus is at the heart of everything they do, from how they treat their staff to how they take care of their patients.

“By creating our own practice, we were able to make our own schedules and choose how we wanted to run our business so that we could have a good worklife and family-life balance,” shares Dr. Samantha.

Treating families is second nature to Drs. Samantha and Rick Childers. Raising three kids of their own, ages 8, 9, and 11, they understand how busy your family is. As they are both board-certified foot and ankle surgeons, they can treat almost anything from ankle sprains to foot wounds and trauma. No matter how minor or serious, Drs. Samantha and Ricky Childers know that your feet are important and are dedicated to providing expert care for the whole family.

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