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Pathways to Promise

Planning for Careers in Animal Science Agricultural Engineering, and Plant Science

Northwest ISD’s CTE (Career and Technical Education) pathways are focused on students working alongside experienced and professional instructors in high-tech programs that lead to fulfilling careers throughout life. In this issue, we’re focusing on the agricultural, food, and natural resources pathways specifically: animal science, applied agricultural engineering, and plant science. These three pathways are offered to high school students in NISD at Byron Nelson High School.

Agricultural Pathways

The animal science pathway equips students to work within diverse animal industries using preventative medicine, advanced therapeutic techniques, and injury treatment. This pathway leads to a career as a veterinary assistant, veterinary technician, or veterinarian.

The applied agricultural engineering pathway helps students create one- of-a-kind metal art designs from start to finish for a wide variety of customers using large scale machines. This pathway leads to a career as a welder, CNC Machine Technician, or structural designer.

The plant science pathway gives students the opportunity to create innovative art using flowers imported from around the world. This pathway leads to a career as a floral designer, wholesale designer, or landscape architect.

After students are enrolled in an NISD agricultural course, no matter the pathway,

they’re eligible to join Future Farmers of America (FFA). FFA is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States with over 700,000 members. The organization is designed for students with diverse interests from food to fiber to natural resources that encompass science, business, and technology.

Show Your Support

Community members can help support agricultural students by ordering from Byron Blooms and Byron Nelson Bobcat Designs. Do you need flowers for a bouquet or even a wedding? Byron Blooms, a student-run flower shop, is open year-round for floral orders from all over the community. Floral designs are student-led with supervised

guidance from Kassie Montford. Orders can be placed by emailing Kassie.Montford@

Do you need metal signs, metalwork, or even a custom-built trailer? Bobcat Designs will help your custom design dreams come true. Garrett Briney will supervise your project and will equip students using AutoCAD to digitize and create your design. Please contact Garrett Briney for more information at

NISD students can submit their enrollment request to an academy or pathway each January. Learn more about the vast array of opportunities at

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