Northwest ISD … Starting the Best School Year, Yet!

We may be in strange times for all of us, but your Northwest ISD teachers and staff are preparing to provide students the best school year, yet! The 2020-2021 school year may be different and some things have changed, but Northwest ISD’s mission to engage in a culture of learning that prepares all students remains steadfast.

We are looking forward to welcoming nearly 26,000 students on the first day of school, August 20.

COVID-19 may have created some new challenges, but with a lot of planning - and a lot of understanding and patience - we are ready for what lies ahead.

Dr. Warren, NISD superintendent. Photo courtesy of NISD

Please know our teachers have missed the kids and are ready to provide an engaging, rigorous learning experience. Even though I cannot wait to have all of our students safely in our buildings again, school will begin remotely as we continue our planning efforts for safe, in-person learning. Remote Learning is expected to continue through September 25, when families will have the option of selecting In-Person Learning at our schools or continuing with a new Remote Learning schedule at home. (And yes, I have to acknowledge that these are the plans at the time of this writing, and our plans could very well be different as you read this.)

The pandemic may be impacting our world today, but it has not changed our focus on kids in Northwest ISD. Students and families can expect to see a continued emphasis on literacy across the district. We are also excited to roll out our new Northwest ISD Social-Emotional Learning for students. Teachers and staff spent last year learning more about our social-emotional standards, and we will be introducing these concepts to students as we continue our focus on developing the whole child.

Your NISD Board of Trustees and administration will also continue our focus on the long-term stability of the school district. We will continue to address our school district’s challenges of rapid growth and the school finance system. Our team is embracing transparent, financial reform and is strategically reviewing and trimming our budget. We will also be continuing our conversations with our legislators to help address our district’s unique challenges: fast growth, school finance, accountability and assessment, transportation infrastructure, and school safety and security.

Admittedly, this school year will be different from any other I’ve experienced, but I am looking forward to a great year. As I start my fifth year as superintendent of NISD, I continue to be amazed by the support and understanding of our community. I know this has not been an easy time for our students or families, and I know that there are still many challenges that need to be addressed. However, we are stronger together, and together, we will provide our students with the best school year, yet!

Back to School Information

For the latest back-to-school information, visit Northwest ISD’s website at You can find updates to NISD’s Return to Learn plan, complete online enrollment, access our weekly Facebook Live chats, and more.

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