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NISD High School students can earn their Associate Degrees

Steele Early College High School Q & A

By Cindy Chapman and Kendra Langston

Photo Credit to Aubrey Dickinson

Steele Early College High School is an innovative opportunity for high school students in Northwest ISD to earn both a high school degree and a collegiate Associate Degree (up to 60 hours) simultaneously.

Kaylah Fleming, Kooper Jose, Makenna Morgan, Principal Todd Rogers, Brayden Junior, Abigail Beck

At Steele Early College High School, students focus on academics, industry certifications, internships, community service, leadership, and preparation for college. Steele has a small college campus vibe that allows students to remain focused on gaining a competitive advantage for their future.

Students can earn tuition-free college credit that also satisfies high school requirements. Depending on when students start the program, they can earn an associate degree at the same time as their high school diploma. Students start courses at Tarrant County College once they meet college-readiness standards. If they are college-ready, students may start college courses during their freshman year.

So, students go to both Steele Early College High School and Tarrant County College?

Yes, students attend college classes during the day primarily at Steele, though some courses are available online or at the Tarrant County College campus. Students can access TCC support services including college advisors, career counseling, and free tutoring.

What is the cost?

Steele Early College High School is an outstanding value and investment. At Texas colleges, the average cost for 60 hours of college credit is $51,252. The cost for Steele Early College High School is zero $0! There is no cost for tuition, transportation, or textbooks.


What is something positive you would like others to know about Steele and the dual credit program?

“I would like others to know that Steele has been named an Early College High School and that classes are now free. All you have to do is worry about doing your best in class.”- Prince Nnadi

“This is truly a school that cares for the experience of every student and works hard to create an environment that gives everyone a chance for greatness.” - Kaylah Fleming
“At Steele, we are like a family. We strive to maintain a comfortable and supportive learning environment for all students. Steele values leadership and hard work, two traits you are sure to learn as a Steele student.”- Makenna Morgan

How have Steele and their collegiate programs prepared you for the future?

Sarah Fraser, Prince Nnadi, Annabelle Eslick, Kennan Jose

“Steele has made me more confident. This place is so welcoming and inclusive.”- Sarah Fraser

How has Steele helped you grow academically?

“Steele has pushed me to be the best student that I can possibly be. The accelerated and dual credit classes offer a diverse and challenging curriculum that has allowed me to learn all that I can as a high school student. Through the classes and environment at Steele, I have become a strong leader and student.”- Makenna Morgan

How would you describe your competitive advantage after having attended Steele?

“My competitive advantage has grown exponentially after having attended Steele. Through the programs, I have earned numerous certifications in Microsoft as well as earned my specialist-expert certifications. This growth in my competitive advantage gives me a head start when joining the workforce and applying to colleges.”- Kooper Jose

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