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Momcation; The vacation you really wanted to take

By Cindy Chapman

As a mom, there’s definitely one thing I miss. Vacations. Oh sure, I’ve taken trips with and without my kids, but it’s never been quite the same since. So we all love our kids - let’s just get that out of the way. But as a mom, I find that I need a vacation just to get ready for a vacation. And then another vacation when I get back. Where did all this laundry come from?

Even if you have a partner helping, it’s all the packing and organizing of ALL. THE. THINGS. that leave you exhausted. Why do kids have so much stuff? Why must I pack as if the very week we’re away from our home all stores will cease to exist? Maybe this summer you were frugal and slept on the pull-out couch in your in-laws’ basement rather than that expensive cushy resort that places mints on your pillow. Or maybe you took the teens and pre-teens on an adventure of a lifetime, only to hear them complain that they’d rather be at home hanging out with their friends. Or maybe you had to skip the vacation altogether this year and told yourself that Paw Patrol is essentially a homeschool civics lesson for preschoolers. Either way, congratulations momma! You made it through summer, and it’s time to “treat yo-self!” Do the kids still say that?

So as you prepare those little darlings to go back to school, you need to start planning your own Momcation. That’s right, we’ve got a little less than eight hours to ourselves - let’s make the most of it, ladies!

For those mommas with infants and toddlers, time to call in a favor with the grandparents, neighbor or that one mom at the park who didn’t have spit-up in her hair - she looked like she’s got it together. So how do you take a Momcation? After you pack up the lunches and wave the kids off to school, choose from one of these ultimate kid free, stress free vacations:

Seaside Retreat Go back to bed and set an alarm so you wake to the sound of crashing waves. Pull your hair back, don some SPF 50+ (wrinkles, yo) and find a place to sit poolside - but in the shade, because you already sweat off your sunscreen, and you’re not going back in to get it. Fire up the playlist that doesn’t include Baby Shark and just sit in a lounge chair with a good book, a fruity drink and in the words of Bob Marley “Don’t worry ... about a thing.” Bonus points if you dip your toes in the kids’ sandbox at least once.

Spa Day You may not be able to jump on a plane and head to a resort, but you can do the next best thing. Grab a handful of peanuts and an unusually small Diet Coke and drive to the nearest spa. Act like a celebrity and say yes to all the things - nails, hair, massage, facial. Even that weird avocado, mayo, saran wrap thing - wait. I think that’s the lunch menu. Yes! Order that too! Drink a complimentary bubbly while you get things peeled, waxed and stretched so that your family doesn’t even recognize you when they get home. Better yet, pretend you don’t recognize them and insist that your agent didn’t mention you’d be working with kids. Retreat to your trailer (bedroom) and demand they bring you only green M&M’s while they clean up the set (living room).

Tour Exotic Places You know the place. You’ve wanted to go there since forever and never got the opportunity. Well, nothing is holding you back from the intimates section at Target now, ladies! Browse without embarrassing the teens. Take your time and try on everything without having to make sure someone doesn’t escape the fitting room and get an anatomy lesson from the poor lady trying on a swimsuit next door. Buy a hat and sunglasses and browse that Dollar Spot section like you’re strolling the waterfront and perusing local wares. Before heading to your car with your “souvenirs,” stop by the Tar-zhé Café and enjoy yourself an espresso and beignet. That’s a coffee and a donut, y’all.

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