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By: Cindy Chapman

Does the recent pandemic find you staying at home more? For most people, this means not only spending more time with your family but with your four-legged family member too. In general, pets are enjoying this time at home with their owners; more walks, more cuddles, and probably more treats too.

For an update on how COVID-19 has impacted the pet community, we turned to our local pet expert, Susan Edstrom. Susan, a Trophy Club resident, started a Facebook page dedicated to reuniting residents with the fur-babies within 76262. In August of 2019, the Trophy Club Animals Facebook page was renamed Four Paws One Heart Inc - Trophy Club TX - Reunite/Rescue/Rehome and received non-profit status. Susan actively rescues and rehomes animals, is Chair of the Trophy Club Shelter Board and is a rescue partner of The Humane Society of North Texas (she takes animals into her rescue that may be under aged or need medical attention the shelter cannot provide).

Susan tells us that she’s seen a lot of positive effects of the pandemic with regard to pets. Not only are pet owners able to spend more time with their current pets, but they are finding they have time for additional pets. We’ve seen stories of shelters across the country being cleared for the very first time as pet adoption rates have increased during this time.

Pet Fostering has also been positively affected. Susan, who fosters kittens in her home tells us, “I have five times the number of foster [volunteers] I had this time last year. I have adopted out over 100 cats and kittens (and a couple of puppies) since January 2020. The majority of those beginning in March.”

It's evident that with shelter-in-place orders, families were finding ways to turn lemonade out of lemons. “People would see my [Facebook] posts and call me and tell me ‘I’m home – all day. I can do this without any worry about the pets while I am gone.’ ‘We can bond with the pet now [that] the whole family is home.’

As any pet owner knows, spending time with a new pet is the best way to bond and create a safe environment for them. This helps reinforce good behavior and acclimate them to other pets and family members.

“If you are home all day, make sure your breaks from your computer include a little time for Fido or Fluffy. Don’t leave all their toys out. Keep them in a box and every couple of days put away the toys they’ve been playing with and put out different ones – it’s like new toys!” says Susan.

Residents of 76262 probably know Susan more for her efforts to reunite lost pets with their owners. Thanks to residents and other members in the community, Trophy Club’s recovery numbers continue to be 100% in and 100% out with a couple of dogs being pulled by rescues (Apollo Support and Rescue, The Humane Society of North Texas and Tzu Zoo Animal Rescue). Susan shares they have even placed two sets of possum babies with a registered rehabber when the moms were hit and killed by cars.

Koko (right) and Juju (left) with owner Kailani. Photo courtesy of Kathy Medina.

In the unfortunate event that your pet should become lost, Susan shares a few things you can do to help get your pet home safely.

  • Tag and microchip your pet

  • Register your pet with your local government. Both Trophy Club and Roanoke have a pet registration process. When Animal Control Officers recover a lost pet they use the pet’s description and cross streets where the pet was found to find the owner, especially when identification tags are missing

  • Let neighbors know via social media that you are looking for your pet and share a recent photo

Should you happen to come across a pet without a home and are unable to locate the owner:

  • Report the animal to local Animal Control

  • Post on social media with a photo of the animal and description of area (cross streets) where found

Here are just a few more ways to keep 76262 a pet-friendly community:

  • Have your pet spayed or neutered

  • Keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date

  • Obey community leash laws

  • Become a foster for a cat or dog waiting to be adopted

  • Volunteer or donate to local animal shelters – the greatest need for shelters are supplies like food and kitty litter. Susan’s Four Paws One Heart Inc has a wish list on Amazon.

What to help or need more information on where to adopt a pet?

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