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Love Your Life!

FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center

When it comes to optimal health and wellness, we rely on our body’s ability to move and function. Mobility affects so much of our lives, and when our body is unable to perform as necessary, we miss out on so much.

No one understands this more than FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center Roanoke, located at 409 North Oak Street in Roanoke. Brad and Danieta Grissman opened this state-of-the-art facility in September of 2020 and are dedicated to helping you get moving.

Their motto “Love Your Life” is more than just something they say, it is something they strive for with every patient. Their caring and compassionate team is focused on creating connections and relationships based on trust and respect.

Brad Grissman is the owner and general manager and is proud to bring his professional team to 76262 and offer a different kind of therapy.

“There's a misperception that all therapy is the same, but we're different.”

This difference goes beyond just the unique spelling of the name. Brad, who spent decades in the hospitality industry, and his wife, Danieta, a physical therapy assistant with 20 years of experience, wanted to merge those two worlds where compassionate healthcare meets individualized customer service. “And that's helping our patients and helping our community and being part of a team.”

With comprehensive programs to treat and rehabilitate a variety of ailments, FYZICAL offers hands-on, 1-on-1 physical therapy treatment sessions from their highly skilled health experts.

David Villarreal PT, DPT works with those who are looking for an improved quality of life. Whether you’re struggling with vestibular, neurological or orthopedic issues, David is committed to increasing each patient's potential and helping them perhaps avoid surgery or prescription medication.

FYZICAL’s vestibular imbalance rehab sets them apart from most other clinics. Those suffering from vertigo, dizziness and balance issues have found success with David’s expertise. David is certified as a vestibular rehab specialist. As a Master Balance Retrainer level three, David has been able to help those with debilitating balance issues.


From airline pilots to firefighters, sport injuries to back pain, David works with individuals and their unique circumstances to come up with a treatment plan that identifies and replicates potential obstacles.

Since David and his team take a personalized approach, each patient’s treatment is tailor-made to their specific set of ailments and concerns, and adaptations are made along the way. There’s no cookie-cutter approach to the recovery process.

There is one other important member of the team who may surprise you. Maverick, a five-year-old Australian Shepherd therapy dog, offers unconditional love and affection to anyone who visits. Maverick’s responsibilities as a therapy dog include encouragement and a calming warm nuzzle if necessary.

Brad and his compassionate team are mavericks themselves in the healthcare industry. “We have a lot of patients that come in and say, ‘I've been to therapy for the last five years, and I was dreading coming back to therapy. But here it's different. I walk in, and I'm family,’” shares Brad.

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