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Meet Kelley and Josh Hale

with Legacy Physical Therapy

After opening in March earlier this year, Legacy Physical Therapy had to close its doors rather quickly, along with other businesses in the area, due to COVID-19. However, their doors are now back open and the business is beginning to take off. Unfortunately because of the pandemic, owner and Physical Therapist Kelley Hale is disappointed that they haven’t been able to connect with the community as much as they would like to.

“I think the biggest business thing that has really hit us is that traditionally when someone opens a PT [physical therapy] clinic, you try and market to the doctors that are closer to home,” said Hale. "A lot of doctors are not letting any extra people in their offices, which I think is absolutely the right thing to do. But it's made it hard to, you know, say ‘Hey, I'm Kelley, send me the people that are struggling with X, Y or Z, I'd love to help.’”

Despite having to adapt to the new normal of a socially-distanced world, Hale and her team have done their best to get involved within the community, meet those around them, and have even taken to creative grassroots marketing strategies.

“One of the ways we did get our name out there, believe it or not,” Hale said laughing, “is the neighborhoods behind the clinic - that is Seventeen Lakes and Fairway Ranch - had their community garage sales not long ago, and because we hadn't been able to do anything, we took our brochures into everybody's garage sale. I love that we bought their stuff and told them about us.”

Hale, grew up in athletics and is a former college softball player, is very familiar with the health needs of athletes. After attending a small college in Wichita Falls, Hale graduated as a Doctor of Physical Therapy from UNT Health Science Center in Fort Worth and began to work at a large clinic associated with a hospital. While she appreciated the experience, she felt like she wasn’t getting enough time getting to know her clients, both personally and medically, because of her caseload. Hale valued the unique connections that came with each individual client. She also felt restricted by the lack of evolution in their established routines.

“Healthcare is adapting every single day and I didn't like the fact that healthcare was but we weren't,” said Hale.

Some of the most important things to Kelley and her husband, Josh, are faith and football. Josh Hale is an athletic trainer in the Keller School District, a perfect partner for a physical therapist.

During a time in the nation where more people are staying home and moving less, Hale imparted some basic advice to readers who are looking to keep up with their health.

“Motion is lotion,” said Hale.

“A lot of times when people are hurt they think they need to rest whatever it is. But you need to get up and move, strengthen those things, move those things.”

Hale also mentioned that in Texas you don’t need a doctor’s referral to get an appointment with a physical therapist. So if you’re in pain, you can get started on a treatment plan without having to wait two weeks for an appointment.

Legacy Physical Therapy will be present at Roanoke’s Hometown Holiday. They can be reached at (817) 756-5366 for any further questions or to schedule an appointment.

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