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Gavin McCurley, a Humble Leader

If you passed Gavin McCurley on the street, you’d probably think he was just another teenager.

However, there are many reasons why Gavin is an amazing kid.

While Gavin’s athleticism has certainly produced worthy accolades, it’s Gavin’s kindness, generosity, and humble character that deserves the praise.

Most people know this Byron Nelson High School senior as an excellent wide receiver. Anyone who has attended a varsity Bobcat game recently will have certainly heard his name called many times. However, where Gavin really shines is in his leadership and academic achievements which are generally noted without much fanfare.

Gavin’s athletic prowess has placed him as a 4-year starter on the varsity team and as Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Player to Watch for two years. However, Gavin’s proudest achievement is football team captain, an honor bestowed upon him by his peers.

Gavin takes this responsibility to heart as he strives to be a positive influence by demonstrating kindness. For Gavin, the focus is clearly more on others than himself and that’s what makes him an excellent leader.

Off the field, Gavin excels in his advanced classes and works hard to establish an academic foundation for wherever his passions take him in the future. Gavin is quick to step up when needed and isn’t afraid to sacrifice his time to help others.

During his sophomore year, Gavin was presented with the BNHS Character Award for his unwavering desire to help others. One time, a new student was struggling to find their way and Gavin immediately stepped up to be their guide for the day.

In his spare time, Gavin enjoys hanging out with his friends, but he also spends time with our community’s youngest athletes. Whether it’s a football or baseball youth camp, Gavin is ready to give it his all, so that he can pass on what he’s learned to others - and that includes how to have good character.

Gavin’s athleticism has certainly produced worthy accolades, however, we’d like to recognize Gavin for his kind, giving, and humble character.

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