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Galentine’s Day

Left to Right: Melody Nelson, Randi Chapman, Chasidy Murphy, Jenee Molacek at the WXYZ inside Aloft Hotel.

Leslie Knope from the television show “Parks and Recreation.” Leslie celebrated her gal pals whether they were single or not on February 13 with a “brunch of waffles and love”. What a great way to celebrate your best friends. Here’s a few ideas to get your mind turning on how to enjoy your “ Galentine’s Day” girls night out.

Wine Tasting Wine 30, 3 Vino, Craft & Vine are just a few places you can go try. Or, everyone can bring together their personal favorite to sample. That’ll equal up to a glass or two for sure!

Coffee Outing Meet at a coffee place, like Vault Coffee. Meet in the morning to slay your day jacked up on maybe your new favorite brew!

Craft Night People used to get together for scrap booking parties, but any craft will do. Pottery, plants, knitting/crocheting, mini terrariums, or anything to add decor to your home!

Gift Exchange A good ole white elephant exchange or name draw makes it interesting. No gift cards!

Brunch Classic. Everybody loves food and most love a good Mimosa!

Group Manicures Everyone has their favorite place to go. So pick the place with the best drinks and relax and laugh at the same time!

Paint Night Find a place with the cutest painting, like Art Z. Or, get together and freehand your art and make it your own! (Gal pals with kids probably already have all kinds of art supplies.)

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Charcuterie Board Building Board & Brie has a class schedule, or do a grab n’ go and enjoy at someone’s house.

Chocolate Tasting My local grocery store has an aisle full of different brands and flavors of chocolate to try. Get some super weird flavors like lavender and green tea to mix it up a bit!

Archery or Axe Throwing It’s Texas ya’ll! Cinnamon Creek Ranch and FlannelJax’s Roanoke are right around to enjoy archery or axe throwing.

PJs n’ Chick Flix Nothing like a “I don’t have to shower or get dressed for anybody and just sit here and binge eat while watching girly movies and no adulting for just one night!”

Dream Board Making Ever get together with other people who have amazing dreams for their lives? Put together a dream board. Now you have a huge reminder and some accountability partners!

Princess Piñata Party Yes, and more yes! Buy a piñata (or make one at your craft night) and take that stick or bat and beat all the negative from your week out on that thang!

Murder Mystery Dinner This may be a new experience for some, but I wouldn’t mind a little drama at dinner as long as it wasn’t mine!? You also may get to practice some of those acting skills you’ve been developing with your sweet kiddos during playtime!

Parachute Jumping! If there’s no budget and no scaredy- cats, throw a little adventure into your life with something you’ll never forget!

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