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Friday Night Lights

Editor’s note: This piece is told from the perspective of one youth football participant at Youth Night which is held once a year at a BNHS Varsity game.

It’s game day. And tonight’s our big night. Even though I’m not officially a Bobcat, I am in the youth football program and that’s the next best thing.

Tonight, the BNHS football players, cheerleaders, Dazzlers, marching band, parents, booster clubs, fans, equipment managers, and the entire community - will get together to celebrate the youth programs.

My youth football team gets a front-row seat to the excitement that is Friday Night Lights. As we lead the team onto the field for the big game, there’s no question that this is an exciting night. But before we even get to the game, we join fellow students and parents and give the Bobcats a “clap out” in the parking lot, as they make their way to Northwest ISD Texan Stadium.

We hear Coach Pride remind his players that they are a team and that it takes everyone working together to be successful. Work Will Win! But everyone has to put in the work.

The BNHS cheerleaders take the youth cheerleaders under their wing as they show off their athleticism and never-ending enthusiasm to pump up the crowd. They are an irreplaceable piece of Friday Night Lights that keeps our school spirit alive.

The marching band is joined by the middle school bands and show how hard work and endless rehearsing make for a spectacular half-time performance. Many hours were spent perfecting the fight song and the hype songs to keep the spirits up for those in the stands and on the field.

As my fellow teammates and I prepare to run out on the field, the community shows support by roaring with cheers and applause. Our time in the spotlight tonight may be short but the experience and taste of the “big game” have inspired all of us to work harder.

While it’s important to bring home a “W”, we can’t deny that there is a lesson in coming together as a school, a community, a town. I know that I will take this lesson with me as I work with my teammates, friends, and classmates.

This is Friday Night Lights. I can’t wait to grow up and be a Byron Nelson Bobcat!

Interested in youth football or cheer? is Byron Nelson High’s feeder program. Get involved.

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