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Exercising Your Right To Vote

Election season is upon us, and Northwest ISD will have six items on the May 6 ballot – three places for the NISD Board of Trustees and three bond propositions.

In Northwest ISD, we strive to provide students a well-rounded education and teach our students many things, one of those being civic responsibility. I encourage our community to set an example for our students – engage in the process, become an informed voter and exercise your voice and your right to vote.

Three Bond Propositions

As Northwest ISD has seen record-setting student enrollment growth, the district’s school board unanimously voted to call a bond referendum that would build 12 new schools and additional facilities. The bond projects would make room for over 8,400 students and will be presented in three propositions on the May 6 ballot.

  • Proposition A – Educational Facilities and Capital Improvements

Includes four Early Childhood Centers; a new high school; enlarged cafeteria, auditorium and gym at Byron Nelson High School; a new middle school; four new elementary schools; two replacement elementary schools; infrastructure lifecycle replacements (HVAC, roof and flooring) and other projects.

  • Proposition B – Home Stadiums and Field Renovations

Includes a home stadium at Byron Nelson, Eaton, and the proposed fourth high school as well as renovations to existing stadiums. These home stadiums would seat approximately 7,000 spectators and would eliminate travel for home games. The current Northwest ISD stadium would continue to be used by Northwest High School and the district.

  • Proposition C – Technology Devices

Includes funds to provide technology devices for teachers and students. The district currently issues a laptop to each teacher and a Chromebook to each student in grades 6-12. Students in grades 3-5 have access to a class set of Chromebooks, and students in grades K-2 have access to a shared Chromebook.

If approved by voters, the three propositions represent a property tax increase of one-tenth of one penny ($.001) to NISD homeowners. This increase equates to approximately $4.10 per year based on the average $450,000 property value of a home in the district. Please visit to access more information, use a calculator to determine your estimated tax impact or submit your questions regarding the bond election.

NISD General Trustee Election

The NISD School Board General Election will also be on the May 6 ballot. Three seats are up for election – Place 5, Place 6 and Place 7. The candidates in the order they will appear on the ballot are:

  • Place 5 - Steve Sprowls, Jennifer Stephens, Amanda J. Smith

  • Place 6 - Jon Pendergrass, Lillian Rauch

  • Place 7 - Jennifer Murphy, Michelle Slater

Voting Dates and Locations

Early voting begins April 24 and continues through May 2, and Election Day is Saturday, May 6. To find your voting location, dates and times, visit, or your local county.

Become an Informed Voter

I encourage you to seek information and understand what will be on your ballot. There are a lot of projects embedded into the three different bond propositions, and we welcome your questions. Please visit for more information and to submit your questions regarding the bond election. For more information on the NISD Trustee election, please visit Regardless of how you choose to vote, please don’t take for granted the opportunity to vote in this election.

Medlin Middle School Opens New Tennis Courts

For over 20 years, the Town of Trophy Club has graciously allowed Northwest ISD students to use the town’s tennis courts. The joint partnership has been a direct benefit for students and is greatly appreciated. At the end of March, Northwest ISD opened new tennis courts at Medlin Middle School. Approved by voters in 2021, the new courts expand opportunities for students and after-hour options for residents. Thank you for being our partner in education.

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