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Darin Davis; Serving 76262 for the past 25 years

Darin is married to Mary (Zanella) Davis and is father to Joshua, Alexandra and Landry. Darin was raised in Longview, Texas and attended college at the University of Louisiana in Monroe. He is passionate about family, faith and service.

Darin has volunteered for various roles and responsibilities within our communities. As one of the top real estate agents in the Metroplex, he also explains why the housing market is not as healthy as it seems.


Darin has been a long-time volunteer for the school district. He served as a volunteer crossing guard at Beck Elementary back when this was a volunteer position. He has also served as a board member for several athletic booster clubs. In addition, he recently retired from being the halftime voice of the Byron Nelson Bobcat Band. Davis served on the Northwest ISD Long Range Planning Committee for 20 years, an important group of community members that study and prioritize the needs of the school district and provide recommendations to the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees. Because NISD is one of the fastest-growing school districts in the state, this is a critical role of community service.

“We're looking at the next series of needs just to keep up with the growth, especially on the south, west and north parts of the district,” says Davis. “There is explosive growth like we've never seen before. Tens of thousands of homes are being built during the next few years.”

As a Long Range Planning Committee member, Darin also has been involved in the search for a new NISD Superintendent. “I really believe the board is going to deliver the right candidate. Our school board is one of the best, most competent, responsive school boards anywhere in the state of Texas.”

When Davis first moved to the area in 1997, Northwest ISD had seven campuses for elementary, middle, and high school students. Today, there are thirty-one campuses for 27,000 students with more on the way.


Davis also serves all 76262 communities as the master of ceremonies for the National Day of Prayer, an annual event held on the first Thursday of May. In this season of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic to the crisis in Ukraine, Davis is looking forward to joining together with the community for prayer.

“We're planning for the National Day of Prayer. We will have a 76262 Pastors Prayer Breakfast where we get all of the pastors together to prepare,” says Davis. “Then we will meet on the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 5, at Lake City’s Church of Christ in Trophy Club.” The National Day of Prayer event is a community-wide observance for Roanoke, Trophy Club, Westlake and surrounding areas.

Davis and his family have been active leaders at the Church at Trophy Lakes for nearly 20 years. He serves as an ordained elder, deacon and Bible study teacher.


Davis is also one of the founding members of the Trophy Club Rotary, an organization founded on the humanitarian principle of “service above self.” He leads the Trophy Club Rotary as the director of community service.

“We always look first in our community and then beyond to find areas to serve,” comments Davis. “From anything as basic and grungy as picking up trash on the side of Highway 114 to delivering meals to shut-ins through Metroport Meals on Wheels, to collecting paper towels and diapers for Christ’s Haven over in Keller, there are all kinds of things we get involved in just to make sure we're serving the needs of the community.”


As one of the top agents in the DFW north suburbs, Darin has extensive real estate experience and involvement in local communities, schools and churches. However, Darin is concerned about the current health of the market.

“Real estate prices continue to increase, but there is no inventory. Buyers at certain price ranges have been priced out of what they planned on buying. Sellers are afraid to sell because they have no place to go. There is nothing healthy about this market,” says Davis.

“There are some agents that just aren't doing any business because they can't win when they are up against 25 other bidders on a property, and they're competing against buyers offering $50,000 or more over listing price, offering to waive appraisal and waiving inspections,” comments Davis. “We want the market to come back closer to the center, so that it's healthy and balanced.” He also gives advice for those looking to buy or sell a home. “Now more than ever, you need someone that knows what they're doing representing you in a highly competitive market. We know how to navigate through tough times.”

When you need to buy or sell a home, meet a community servant-leader that knows 76262 better than anyone. Learn more about Darin Davis Real Estate Group at

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