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Continuing NISD’S Tradition of Excellence

As your new superintendent of Northwest ISD, I have enjoyed getting to know our schools, students and staff. You should be very proud of your schools and school district. The level of excellence I’ve seen over these first few weeks is truly remarkable, and I am thankful to join a community that supports kids and learning at such a high level.

Touring the schools with our campus leaders, meeting teachers and students, and being in classrooms during instructional times gave me great insight into the inner workings of Northwest ISD and what makes this district so special. I am so pleased that during my campus visits, I immediately witnessed first-hand our core belief that “kids come first” in NISD. Student learning and engagement are impressive and supported by our excellent educators, quality programs and diverse student opportunities.

I know we have many opportunities and challenges before us as a fast-growth district, and proper planning will be imperative. I am grateful for the work of the Long-Range Planning Committee and their efforts to help manage the district’s growth and facility needs. Their recommendations will guide future facility plans. Later this year, the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees will call upon students, parents and community members to review our strategic plan and examine our district beliefs, vision, mission and goals as we look to our future.

Embracing our growth while remaining focused on our community’s vision and standards of educational excellence will be critical. As we approach 30,000 students, it is important that our new students, families and staff receive a warm welcome and experience Northwest ISD’s strong culture, sense of community and strong educational foundation. Thanks to visionary leadership, talented staff and an engaged community, Northwest ISD is on a great path, and I am grateful to be part of the journey forward.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the Northwest ISD community. Together, we will continue the traditions of excellence in Northwest ISD.


Children learn as soon as they’re born, and it’s never too early to get started on education! At Northwest ISD, we believe early childhood education sets a strong foundation for school. For families of children not yet old enough for school, we offer the free Parents as Teachers program to support parents and guardians with children prenatally through 5 years of age. The program offers home visits, group connections, developmental screenings and more!

Families with children at least 4 years of age can consider pre-kindergarten options to begin the classroom environment early. Students get a head start on building relationships, vocabulary, problem solving and more!

Learn more about early childhood opportunities at academics/early-childhood.

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