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Cheap Toddler Thrills

Frozen ice cube painting

Freeze washable paint in ice cube trays with popsicle/craft sticks.


Fill paint trays with soapy water to “paint” (aka clean) outdoor play toys.

Tin Foil River

Shape aluminum foil into a long trough. Grab the garden hose and race “boats” with any household items that float.

Fairy soup

Fill several large containers with water & sprinkle flower petals to create a magical creation fit for fairies. Then “serve” to guests.

I Spy Alphabet

Using sidewalk chalk outside, write letters & numbers. As each number or letter is “found” spray water on the letter to erase it. Older kids can find words or simple math equations.

Pool noodle fishing

Cut foam pool noodles into 2-inch pieces to create small circles. Fill a small pool or large tote full and using a butterfly net, scoop up the “fish”. Different colored noodles can be used to help learn colors.

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