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Charcuterie Lane

Get to know Board + Brie

“I loved making charcuterie boards for years.” Lane Tunstall, founder of Board + Brie shared.

Once her third son started kindergarten, Lane decided to kick-up her kitchen table hobby and make it a legitimate business. She began assembling boards in her home and hosting small classes in fall of 2019. That October, Lane discovered “grazing tables,” which were very popular in Australia. She knew these would be an instant hit and introduced grazing tables to the Alliance Corridor. Before she knew it, Board + Brie was in high demand.

She quickly outgrew her kitchen table and rented space from Anton’s African Cuisine for a year to accommodate the demand. In September 2020, Lane moved into her own building conveniently located on Oak Street.

What they offer:

Along with their incredible wedding grazing tables, Board + Brie offers Grab-n-Go pickups every Friday and Saturday. They ship all around the country, as well as mail out charcuterie kits for virtual team building classes or regular virtual classes. In person classes are great for a girls night out or a very unique birthday celebration. They also offer grazing boxes and kid boxes. “Kids love charcuterie boards. It’s like an art project, but with food! This is very family friendly,” Lane explains. Lane’s oldest son, who is 15, works for her now, while her younger two sons, Sebastian and Cannon, love to help their mom brainstorm new charcuterie board ideas. Board + Brie | 400 N Oak St, Roanoke | 817- 693-1908

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