Byron Nelson High School Namesake

Written by Cindy Chapman

Established in 2009, Byron Nelson High School is named after long-time 76262 resident and World Golf Hall of Famer, Byron Nelson. Starting early in his golf career Byron dreamt of owning a cattle ranch. This dream finally came true in 1946 as he and his wife, Louise, settled down in Roanoke on 350 (later expanding to 750). Although he eventually retired from the pro-tour, Mr. Nelson still attended numerous golf tournaments, made appearances, and became a television commentator. Mr. Nelson was not only known for his contribution to the sport of golf but for his philanthropic endeavors as he helped raise over $100 million for Dallas children and families with the annual Byron Nelson Classic. In the mid-1980s, after the death of his first wife, Byron married Peggy and remained married until his passing in 2006.

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