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2022 Smile Makeover Giveaway

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

76262’s Beloved Ms. Vera and her Smile Makeover Story

Many of us know Kristina Vera. She has been a paraprofessional with Byron Nelson High School since 2015 and moved over to Tidwell Middle School last year. Ms.Vera works with the deaf and blind students. “I love my kids!” she shared.

Ms. Vera is a single mother of three daughters. The oldest, Noelle, is 20 and attending University of Houston as a Junior. Grace graduated from Byron last year and Triniti is a Sophomore at Byron Nelson. Ms. Vera pours her heart and soul into her daughters and her students.

Affinity Dental Smile’s Dr. Do, choose one person to receive to give a full smile makeover to his year. Dr. Do chose Ms. Vera.

“The whole team thought she [Ms.Vera] had a wonderful attitude, personality and a great story. She is somebody you want to help. She has a warm heart and is just an amazing woman.

Also, I knew as a dentist that she needed the work and it was something that we all knew we could help her with.”

Ms. Vera was called into Affinity Smiles Dental to “check her mouth” on March 29th 2022. They really called Ms. Vera was to surprise her with the news that she had been chosen to receive a new smile for free, celebrating with flowers and balloons. Dr. Do and Dr. Ho strive to create positive experiences for their patients at every turn. Ms.Vera’s announcement had to be just a special!

Ms. Vera shared “It is the second happiest day of my life, apart from my children being born. This is such a big thing for me, it affects every aspect of your life. Not being able to smile, eat right, talk right. Your self confidence gets really low. But now, I get to smile! My cheeks are hurting because I've been smiling so much! I get so emotional, I am so thankful. Dr. Do made sure I was comfortable the whole time. He got my mouth so healthy- Finally! I catch myself walking past a window and seeing myself just smiling.”

Ms. Vera & daughter on her final visit after her work, holding her Tanger Outlets Swag Bag!

What she needed;

Dr Do shares “She had a lot of decay on her top teeth, actually she had decay on the front of her teeth at the gum line which is hard to treat.” We knew that Ms. Vera was looking at a much bigger treatment course or losing many more teeth if she kept going down that road untreated. If that happened, treating her would become both more difficult and aesthetically much more challenging. Having the dental work done at this point has a much better prognosis for Ms. Vera.

Ms. Vera's after photo. New Smile, make-up and new top courtesy of Tanger's swag bag.

Ms. Vera was gifted over $14,000 worth of dental work from Dr. Do and Dr. Ho at Affinity Smiles Dental. Evolution Dental lab donated the crowns to her case. Tanger Outlets donated a Fashion Tote Bag filled with a $25 Tanger Outlets Gift Card, $25 Columbia Gift Card, a Tanger Outlets Savings Book filled with over $600 in savings, plus lots of Tanger swag. The team at Affinity Smiles Dental also sent Ms. Vera for a professional headshot, hair and makeup, making her experience something out of the movies!

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