Christmas in Fairway

As the holidays quickly approach, you might find yourself feeling a little bit Scroogey. Between shopping, decorating, and baking, we recommend you take some time to rediscover a little bit of the holly jolly spirit by loading up the car and heading over to Roanoke’s Fairway Ranch. We found a family that will make even your Grinchiest family member smile.


Meet the Nahoolewa (pronounced Naho-O-leva) family, Daniel, Melissa and their four children, Alli, Logan, Brayden and Collin. They planted their family in Roanoke 6 years ago and brought a huge piece of Christmas spirit with them.

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Ironically, Daniel shares “I wasn’t huge on Christmas, but my wife kept asking for lights on the house. I finally gave in”. Thankfully, Daniel is an all-or-nothing type of man. “I ran across some videos on people who make their lights dance to music”, says Daniel. Enticing Daniel’s techy side, the Nahoolewa light show was born. Kicking-off in 2008 and it has been slowly growing over the past 10 years. 


Having invested upwards of $30,000, Daniel has over 40 storage tubs filled with all things Christmas, including

40,000 lights and over 160 channels to control those lights. The result is an audio-visual display that appeals to the whimsy and magic that comes with the holiday season. Daniel painstakingly creates a one-of-a-kind light show that delights neighbors, friends, and strangers alike. Speaking of pain, Daniel sustained a significant concussion in 2015 when he fell off a ladder as he was plugging in the last strand of lights. But that didn’t deter him from getting back out there the next year. 


To get the full effect, viewers can tune into 99.7 in their car to listen to the synchronized music. In-between songs, holiday goers enjoy custom - and often very comical - commercials! With a few simple rules, the Nahoolewa family politely reminds drivers to be courteous to their neighbors by turning off your headlights when you park and not to block driveways. Also, remember not to block other viewers! Fortunately, the Nahoolewas have some very understanding neighbors.


The whole Nahoolewa family gets in the holiday spirit. “The kids especially love it” shares Melissa. Their children will occasionally hand out candy canes to families that come to watch the show. Every year the Nahoolewa’s add an element to the show, with this year’s element being a Santa letterbox. Melissa even spends time during the day responding to kid’s letters on actual Santa paper! 

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How hard is it to put on your own light show? Daniel advises, “It is extremely expensive. You must have the money and willingness to do this [year after year]. Go all-out and do it better than the last person.”  A level of commitment is also necessary, as set up and break down can take weeks. 


If you have never enjoyed the magic that the Nahoolewa family brings for the holidays, mark your calendars as the target date for turning on the light show is Thanksgiving night and runs until January 1st. They can be found off Litsey road in Roanoke’s Fairway Ranch neighborhood located on Bluff way. You can’t miss them – just look for all the lights! The light show begins 30 minutes before sunset and ends at 10:00pm on weeknights, with one extra hour during the weekends. 


The Nahoolewa family encourages your family to get out and enjoy others who put on similar amazing light shows. The Lee family is also located in Fairway Ranch, as well as many homes in Grapevine, Plano and the fire station in The Colony. 


This family has brought a nostalgic piece of Christmas back for all of 76262 community members to enjoy. Thank you Nahoolewas!

This story has been brought to you by Fairway Ranch in Roanoke Texas. Thank you for sponsoring stories in our community.

This story has been brought to you by Fairway Ranch in Roanoke Texas. Thank you for sponsoring stories in our community.

Sara Brennan