December 2010 feels like a good starting point to the story. My husband and I packed up our (then) three children and Great Dane in the minivan and drove the overnight 12-hour drive from Atlanta to Northlake Texas.

We were on the third floor of our temporary living quarters (of course it was the third floor), and remained there for 10 months until the new "pad" was ready. All good things come with patients, right?! We didn't mind waiting. October 2011 rolled around and, Ahhhh, hello Roanoke Texas! 2 miles from the Northlake quarters. Shortly after settling in we found that we were NOT ROANOKE, but in fact, Fort Worth!

It takes some time to let that news marinate,  but there you have it. We were Roanoke-wannabes stuck with the higher tax rates and no free library access.

Fast forward past the settling-in phase to summer 2015. We are now up to 4 kids and life is in full-swing with school, sports and work. Over the past 3 1/2 years, we were still Roanoke-wannabes and I notice my family was always missing-out. Granted, we are busy, but it was a struggle to stay in-the-know. With so many wonderful businesses and events right here, it was clear we needed something of our own.

"The Unique Guide to Roanoke Living" launched October of 2016. But we quickly realized it was about everyone in 76262 and rebranded the very next issue to LIFE IN 76262 Magazine. Receiving such a welcoming response in other areas we decided to bring the love to them, in April of 2019 Life in 76226 Magazine and Life in 76247 launched. We now operate as LIFE IN Marketing Group!

Now, how is LIFE IN Marketing different from the rest?

We Educate: We have partnered with NISD, local teachers, surrounding municipalities, non-profits, the Metroport Chamber of Commerce and charities to keep the community in "the-know".

We Connect: A platform was needed to connect the community on a broader scale. The bible teaches us to love our neighbors. We all have friends we know in Justin, Argyle, Roanoke, Westlake, Trophy Club, Fort Worth (aka "Fo-anoke") Keller or Northlake. So our mission is to work hard to keep each one of our neighbors connected, informed and united.

We Grow: "The grass in greener where you water it" according to Neil Barringham. So lets do just that. Support our local businesses more, support the kids, schools, charities and athletes. Share the great stories our community has to offer, and we can all reap the benefits of having a great place to call home. 

We are made up of moms, teachers and awesome members of society who have an aligned perspective on the value of this community. Many people think we are a much larger publication and miss the fact that this is a locally owned and operated, kitchen-table publication, trying to help their community.